My Favorite Snow Day Reads

There’s something beautiful about frolicking through a field of gleaming white snow… until your nose gets cold, and then it’s time to come inside for a cup of cocoa and a good book.  Here are some of my favorites to put you in a wintry mood or, if you don’t enjoy snow in your socks, transport you to a sunny place.


If I Stay by Gayle Foreman

There’s nothing like a snow day to tug on the heartstrings and this book knows that better than anything.  If I Stay is the story of Mia and her decision following the fatal accident that ripped apart her family: should she stay or should she go?  This is a read that will remind you how important family is and pairs well with a warm cup of tea and a fuzzy blanket.


It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

This is one of my favorites YA lit books and a fabulous snow day read.  It’s Kind of a Funny Story is about Craig Gilner, whose drive and determination slowly eat away at his life until Craig nearly kills himself.  Craig’s suicidal episode lands him in a mental hospital for five days and this book focuses on Craig’s road to recovery.  Trust me when I say that you’ll want to draw mind maps, like the one featured on the cover, after reading this book.


A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams

If you’re not into the whole “winter wonderland” thing, check out A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams.  Set in 1938, Lily Dane navigates the tense and treacherous social scene of Seaview, Rhode Island’s elite.  This book is a no-snow-allowed instant escape route to sun in between your toes and saltwater in your hair.

Happy reading!

XO, Annie

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