Annie Collaborates // Safe Haven-Inspired Makeup with CassiXMakeup


Today, I’m collaborating with Cassi over at CassiXMakeup and we’re combining my favorite thing (books) with her favorite thing (makeup) to bring you a makeup look inspired by Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.  Fun, right?  I think so.


Safe Haven is the story of Katie, a mysterious girl on the run from something dark and dangerous from her past.  Katie books a bus ticket to anywhere and ends up in quaint beach town Southport, North Carolina.  There, Katie meets widower Alex and his two kids and decides to stay for a while.  In true Nicholas Sparks fashion, romance and adorableness ensue.

I have a bit of a unique connection to this book and movie as I have family that live in the Southport area, so I visit the area quite often.  I love rewatching the movie and pointing out all the restaurants where I’ve dined and all of my favorite spots around town.  I would recommend Safe Haven to, of course, die-hard romance fans, but also to those who find family in unique people and home in unique places.  Safe Haven is a story about finding and losing love and facing the demons of our pasts with light and life.  There’s something in it for everybody.

Here are some images of Cassi’s lovely makeup look inspired by Safe Haven:


I’m not much of a makeup connoisseur (as you can tell, books are kind of my thing) but you can head on over to Cassi’s blog to check out all the details of this lovely look!  She’s also got a hilarious post about what happens when you let a five-year-old do you makeup and it’s definitely worth the read.

That’s all, y’all!  Have you read Safe Haven?  What do you think of Cassi’s look?

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16 thoughts on “Annie Collaborates // Safe Haven-Inspired Makeup with CassiXMakeup

      1. A lot of people ask me that and it’s the hardest question for me to answer because I genuinely love them all. However, The Last Song is one that has stuck with me and I have more of a personal connection to.

  1. This is a creative idea to do a makeup look based on a book 🙂 I don’t know much about makeup but it looks pretty awesome! I also loved safe haven when I read it a while back. Thanks for sharing!