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As y’all know, there is little I love more than giving book recommendations and rereading Harry Potter.  So today, I’m going to give book recommendations based on your Hogwarts House!  Fun, right?

Let’s kick this thing off and start with the infamous favorite: Gryffindor is the house of the daring and brave.  It values chivalry and strength in battle, but can also come with some arrogance and a tendency to be aloof.

For this house, I went with I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore.  This book is about an alien, who looks suspiciously human, who is sent to Earth to escape the perils of his ravaged planet.  Nine children were sent, all interconnected, and were protected so that they could only be killed in order.  One, Two, and Three have died.  Our protagonist is Number Four.  This book screams Gryffindor because of its thrilling action and quick pace.  The protagonist, who goes by the pseudonym John Smith, has an arrogance about him but suppresses it for his love interest, Sarah, and works to save himself and those he loves.  Totally Gryffindor, right?  You can get a copy of I Am Number Four here.

Ravenclaw is the house of the wise and clever.  Members of Ravenclaw value wisdom, creativity, intelligence, and knowledge but can be a little quirky or odd.

If you’re a Ravenclaw, I’d recommend reading A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro.  Beside the fact that the cover totally screams Ravenclaw, the wit and dry humor in this novel captures the wild intelligence of Sherlock himself.  A Study in Charlotte follows Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson, the descendants of the original investigative pair, as they try to debunk a murder on their boarding school campus while simultaneously trying to clear their names.  I have a full review of A Study in Charlotte coming soon, so keep a sharp lookout for that in the next few weeks.  You can get a copy of this book here.

Hufflepuff is the house of the patient and kind.  This house’s main tenets are hard work, dedication, fairness, and loyalty but have the reputation of being the “nice house” that won’t stand up for itself.

I’m slightly partial to this house because I myself am a Hufflepuff, so I picked a really good one for my housemates: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon.  Everything, Everything is the story of housebound Madeline, adorable boy-next-door Olly, the understandable sparks that fly between them, and the things that go horribly wrong.  This book gave me that warm-and-fuzzy feeling from cover to cover, so I think it’s perfect for someone who is a little bit warm-and-fuzzy as well.  I have a full review of Everything, Everything  posted here if you’d like to know a little bit more about the book as well as read why I think this book is so stellar.  You can get a copy of the book here.

And finally, Slytherin.  Slytherin is the house of the cunning and prideful and values ambition, determination, intelligence, and resourcefulness.  Despite the reputation of being the “evil house,” Slytherins are not all evil but can be arrogant and aloof.

For all ye Slytherins out there, I recommend The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.  This book is about Offred, a handmaid to the Commander and his sterile wife responsible for bearing them a child, and describes Offred’s life.  The tone of this book is so cold it could crack stone, just like a Slytherin’s determined stare.  If you belong to this house or just want to take a walk on the dark side, you can get a copy of The Handmaid’s Tale here.

What is your Harry Potter House?  What other books would you recommend for your fellow house members?


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32 thoughts on “Annie Recommends // Books for Your Harry Potter House

  1. This is a super cute idea, but I just wanted to say that Everything, Everything has hurt some disabled readers so it might be a good idea to put that in your recommendation? 100% cool for other people to enjoy the book, but a warning for readers like myself could help save someone some upset!

    I’ve finally added The Handmaid’s Tale to my TBR – I’ve been meaning to for ages & your rec has reminded me to do it at a time where I actually have access to my GoodReads; so thanks!

  2. I’m not particularly sure what house at Hogwarts I’d be in…I would hope for Gryffindor, but I know one thing I’m a HUGE fan of Sherlock Holmes and now that I know about A Study in Charlotte I’m thinking of getting it!!

  3. I’m a Gryffindor, although I feel like a possess traits of Hufflepuff as well. Perhaps I’m divergent? 😄 I’ll definitely have to check out I Am Number Four. Thank you so much for this post!