The 5 Books Annie Is Taking to College

Oh, the bittersweet end of summer.  Things are about to get wild for me because I’m heading off to college!  With that said, my life has been an emotional rollercoaster (when I’m assuming is to be expected).  I’m equal parts ecstatic and nervous with just a dash of terrified, but who isn’t?

One of the most prominent struggles is, of course, packing.  For someone who uses books as a safety blanket, I’ve had to decide which books in my collection I’m going to take with me and which I’m going to leave behind.  Picking which of my beloveds to take has been a challenge, but I’ve pared it down to a solid list of five.  I set a five-book limit for myself because I knew that, if I didn’t establish limitations, I’d end up wanting to take my entire bookshelf.  My freshman flat is roomy for a freshman flat, but it can’t hold an entire bookshelf.

Here are the five books I’m taking with me to college:

  • The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan:  This book is obligatory considering it’s my favorite.  The Opposite of Loneliness is a collection of essays and short stories written by the late Marina Keegan.  Keegan was an exemplary writer and student at Yale University before her untimely death at the age of twenty-two.  Keegan’s book is a reminder that life and time are fickle and fleeting, so we have to choice but to maximize our time and make the best out of our time here.  You can get a copy of this fabulous book here.
  • Cinder by Marissa Meyer:  I decided to take Cinder for the entertainment factor.  This book isn’t hard to read and doesn’t require an excess of thought, so it’s perfect for those days when I’m low on brain power after all-nighters and exams and all the lovely struggles that come with freshman year.  You can buy Cinder here.
  • It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini:  Ugh, I just love this book.  It’s Kind of a Funny Story is about Craig, a teenage prodigy who suffers a suicidal episode and checks himself into a psych ward.  What I love about this book is its humor and light amidst the proverbial darkness.  Craig is insightful and brutally honest and I want to be his best friend.  You can get a copy of It’s Kind of a Funny Story here.
  • The History of Love by Nicole Krauss:  The school year turns me into an emotional ball of stress and anxiety, so Lord only knows how much I need a good, cleansing, ugly cry every once in a while.  This book does the trick in all its ugly cry-inducing glory.  The History of Love is a masterpiece that ties together a series of separate lies in the most beautiful way and I can’t imagine going anywhere without it.  You can get a copy of The History of Love here.
  • Heist Society by Ally Carter:  Ah yes, the compulsory Ally Carter book.  This book is my go-to when I need to get out of a reading slump and we all know that I never leave the house without an Ally Carter book in hand.  (That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you catch my drift.)  You can pick up a copy of Heist Society here.

Which of these books have you read?  What are your favorite books to take to college?

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21 thoughts on “The 5 Books Annie Is Taking to College

  1. What an interesting list! I’m off to investigate a couple of these. You made me think back to the mists of time, just after Thatcher and just, just, just before Regan. I took a Webster’s dictionary (brand new–graduation gift), my very tattered GWTW, Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert Massie and I think that was it. This will puzzle me for the rest of the day.

  2. That’s exciting that you are starting college soon!! Working life definitely doesn’t feel the same, so do enjoy your years in college 🙂
    I’ve heard amazing things about The Opposite of Loneliness, and I’d love to read it one day 🙂

  3. Ah, college!!! This must be in equal parts exciting and terrifying for you, and I wish you the best of luck!! <3

    Also, all of your book choices are on point– I particularly adored "Cinder", though I read it so long ago that I practically forgot most of the plot. :')

    TBH, I'd probably shove in as many books as possible into my suitcase and then immediately regret it when dragging all my luggage up to the dorms.