What’s In Annie’s Bag // College Edition

Today, I’m taking you on the grand tour of what’s inside my backpackThis navy bag from North Face is an absolute essential for carrying around all of my stuff to class, the gym, the library, or Qdoba (let’s be real: that’s where I spend a significant amount of my time).

Laptop // Even though I rarely use my laptop for classes, I always carry it around for checking emails, printing assignments, and getting work done in between classes.  I saved up to buy a 13″ MacBook Air and this lovely laptop skin from Uniqfind and will never go back.  The design is so light and durable, perfect for walking around campus in any type of weather.

Spare phone charger // Since I’m out of my dorm all day, I’ll often get a low battery notification and have to charge on the go.  I found a less expensive chord and wall plug, which I covered with green washi tape, and stash them in the bottom of my bag to ward off any battery emergencies.

Earbuds and adaptors // I will go down swinging for these Sony earbuds!  They always stay in my ears and I need more than one hand to count how many pairs I’ve gone through over the years.  I love listening to Spotify or an audiobook (I’m currently listening to A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue on Audible) while walking to class, so I always have a pair on hand.  Because I’m pledged to this type of earbud, I need a series of adaptors: one I use to adapt the earbuds to my phone’s charging port (I have an iPhone Seven Plus) and another I use to listen to music while my phone’s charging.

Planner // I’m a sucker for this Lilly Pulitzer Planner.  I bought the larger size for the first time this year and absolutely love it!  Having so much space to note my homework assignments and class schedule is beyond useful, and the gorgeous watercolor design is bright and springy no matter the weather.

Journal // In true writer fashion, I always have a journal on-hand.  This notebook by Mead Five Star is my tried-and-true favorite.  The plastic cover is reinforced and crazy durable (I’m not joking: I used my last journal for an entire year with little to no damage).  I mostly use it for brainstorming writing ideas and making to-do lists, but also as a place where I can dump any reminders or class notes.

Pens // What better to go with a journal than pens?  I use this Bic pen in both black and blue, and I keep them in this pencil pouch.  They’re just great pens; what more can I say?

Ray-Ban Sunglasses // I have this theory that wearing sunglasses makes me look like I have my life together (even though I rarely, if ever, have my life together).  To maximize this effect while protecting my eyes, I bust out these sunnies whenever possible.  The blue tint is a cool twist on a classic style and if you look close enough at the image, you can see me taking the picture.

Wallet // I have a similar theory regarding wallets: people who own nice wallets, and use them frequently, look like they have their lives together.  Though most of my meals are covered by my meal plan, I love stopping in our on-campus coffee shop, busting out my Kate Spade wallet, and getting chai latte to help me through the day.

Spare contacts and eye drops // I’ve worn contacts since middle school and, after a few unfortunate incidents, I’ve learned the hard way to always carry a spare set of contacts.  I wear BioTrue One Day and, when my eyes get dry in the middle of the day, I rewet my lenses with Opti-Free Replenish drops.

Water bottle // Hydration is SO important, my friends.  To encourage me to drink more water throughout the day, I use this Nalgene water bottle that I covered with stickers from places where I traveled last summer.  I also toss a straw in the bottle (these straws from Ikea are my favorite) and use that to drink, avoiding any spills.

Umbrella // It only takes one bad experience to learn that an umbrella is an absolute necessity.  Take it from me: walking around in soggy jeans is not pleasant, so learn from my pain and always be ready for impromptu rainstorms.  This umbrella from Target is my go-to.

Pins // Collecting pins from around campus (students organizations are always willing to give out free swag) and slapping them on my backpack has become one of my favorite parts of college.  On my bag, I currently have pins from my sorority, some on-campus organizations, Love Your Melon pins, and some Valentines-themed pins that my sister sent me for V-Day.

Random stuff // This includes my student ID, a coupon for free fries at Biscuitville, bobby pins, an inhaler, my house keys, a random pin back, and tampons (these aren’t pictured because, you know).

What are your in-bag essentials?

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12 thoughts on “What’s In Annie’s Bag // College Edition

  1. Can I just steal your sunnies and that planner..and I don’t have a Mac buut that skin is so cute! I always wish I could trade in my Acer (though it works awesomely) just for the sole reason that Macs get all those cute skins for the top and keys :p Awesome post!

    1. I hope you’ll see this reply, your comment was posted a while ago… You can definitely get skins for non-Mac computers, too! A quick Google should yield a bunch of results. Just triple-check that you’re getting one for your laptop’s size!

  2. Ha! You are super organised!
    I carry a lot of stuff around, but something’s always missing…
    I only needed to think about sunglasses since this weekend. The past about 9 months were super miserable… umbrella is a must tho 😀