What to Watch on Netflix // My Favorite Shows Right Now

I have an eclectic taste in Netflix shows.  I’ll watch anything: Gilmore Girls, Stranger Things, Grey’s Anatomy, and everything in between.  Subsequently, I’m always searching for new shows to watch, and I’m passing on a little bit of my expertise today by sharing my favorite shows on Netflix right now.

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Gilmore Girls // This show is about Lorelai and Rory, a quirky mother-daughter duo living in quaint Stars Hollow, Connecticut, and the cast of colorful Stars Hollow residents.  This show pairs well with junk food and coffee (you’ll get what I mean once you watch it).

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When Calls the Heart // Nothing says feel-good television like the Hallmark Channel.  This charming show is about Elizabeth Thatcher, who moves to a quiet coal-mining town as a teacher and struggles to adjust to life away from the city.

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Jane the Virgin // In this show, quirky aspiring writer (and virgin) Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated, and finds herself pregnant with her boss Raphael’s child.  It sounds like it’s straight out of a telenovela, but hear me out: the characters are genuine and loveable, and the plot isn’t as corny as you’d think.  This has quickly become one of my favorite shows.

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The Great British Baking Show // If you’re interested in pure, fluffy reality TV featuring a competition that isn’t even that competitive, The Great British Baking Show is for you.  After watching this reality series, I feel like I could bake creme brulee until the cows come home.

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The Office // I’ve watched this mockumentary about a Scranton paper company so many times, I can practically quote all the episodes.  This show is downright hilarious; that’s it, it’s just really, really funny.

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Glee // Glee is about high school teacher Will Schuster’s attempts to found and run a glee club at an athletics-focused school in rural Ohio.  The talent on this show is insane and the quirky characters (if you can’t tell by now, I have a thing for quirky shows) warm your heart.

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New Girl  // This quietly-funny show is about Jess, who moves into an apartment with three guys after her boyfriend breaks up with her.  The bubbly humor and adorable banter, as well as the shorter episodes, make this show a must-watch.

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The Crown // This period drama is centered on the life of Queen Elizabeth II as she comes into power and navigates the transformation from princess to sovereign.  I’ve only watched the first few episodes and can already tell that The Crown is going to be one of my all-time favorites.

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Dance Academy // This Australian teen drama is about Tara, an underdog who attends a prestigious ballet academy.  It’s just corny enough to be charming without going over the top and discusses some applicable topics like body image and eating disorders that are all too relevant for dancers.

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Criminal Minds // If you’re down for a darker, more intense show, Criminal Minds might be the pick for you.  This police procedural focuses on the agents who comprise the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, or the BAU.  These agents are called into crime scenes and use psychological profiling to find the perpetrator.
Some of the content on this show could be triggering.  If you’re concerned about this, I recommend doing some research before watching.

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The Blacklist // In this show, renowned criminal Raymond Reddington partners with the FBI to help apprehend and take down other criminals.  I love the combination of special intelligence and police procedure on this show.

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Quantico // Quantico is about FBI trainee Alex Parrish, who finds herself wrongly implicated for a terrorist attack.  This show follows a dual timeline, flashing back and forth between Alex’s time as a trainee and the events that follow the terrorist attack.

What are you watching on Netflix?  Have you watched any of these shows?

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16 thoughts on “What to Watch on Netflix // My Favorite Shows Right Now

  1. ah i love posts like this!!! i watched Quantico for the first season but by the time season 2 started airing i just didn’t keep up. shoutout to the office tho greatest show of all time <3 <3 <3

  2. Yes, Jane The Virgin & Gilmore Girls! Aus Netflix is pretty slack so we don’t have shows like The Great British Baking Show, The Office or The Crown. I’m glad you enjoy them though, I’ll have to look out for them in store!

  3. Great article! Love Jane the Virgin, The Crown, and New Girl!

    Some of my favorites on Netflix are LOVE, Wet Hot American Summer, Bloodline, Stranger Things. Technically it’s on the CW but it’s also available on Netflix, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, is a must watch. So good!

      1. I totally agree with you! Season two was just as good as the first. Although, I was pretty bummed to find out recently that the next season isn’t happening till next summer.