Freshman File #4 // How to Pick Good Shoes for College

Freshman Files is a summer-long series in which I’ll discuss the things I wish I’d known exactly a year ago when I was an incoming freshman.  Whether you’re starting college at the end of the summer or are looking for some tips on how to organize or want to know how to pick out good shoes for a party, this series is for you.

There’s one undeniable fact about college: you’ll do a lot of walking.  Whether in between classes or going to and from your dorm, walking is a college student’s primary mode of on-campus transportation.  Most college campuses have very few roads running throughout them and parking is often sparse, so driving around is not a practical option.  Thus, we walk.

In my first week of college, I averaged over 10,000 steps a day, and this did a number on my feet.  I tried to look cute for class and wear trendy, unsupportive shoes that went with my outfits.  That stopped quickly when I stuck to sneakers for a while, and then I realized that there were practical options out there: shoes that mixed comfort and style (that sounds like a cheesy tagline for a shoe brand that’s trying to be cooler than it is, but it’s true).  Today, I’m sharing my tips for picking the right shoes for walking around campus all day.

Wear close-toed shoes when you can // You never know what mess you’re going to come across while trekking through campus; this is especially relevant if your college is undergoing construction.  Also, I’ve found that close-toed shoes are key when facing unpredictable or extreme weather.  They keep your feet warm in the winter, clean in the summer, and dry in the rain.

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If you have to wear open-toed shoes, go for support // I’ve been known to wear sandals as the weather gets warmer, so I opt for flip-flops with a thicker sole, arch support, and secure straps.

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Sneakers are your new best friend // Half of my shoes are sneakers after only one year at college because I’ve figured out that sneakers equal comfort.  Wearing sneakers with a non-athletic outfit is totally a thing now, so take advantage of the trend and stock up on these cute and comfy shoes.

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Invest in your shoes // Shoes experience a lot of mileage in college, so spend a little extra money on a pair that will stand up to the challenge.

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Buy rain boots // Learn from my mistake: buy rain boots before the first rain of the semester.

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Buy the same pair in multiple colors // One of the beautiful things about college is that your schedule alternates.  So if you wear your gray sneakers on Monday and your black sneakers on Tuesday, no one is the wiser.  By buying the same pair in a bunch of colors, you’ll have confidence in your shoes and will be able to pair them with a variety of different outfits.

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Have a balance of basic and statement shoes // Colorful shoes totally change an outfit and make you look super chic, but having an entire wardrobe of wacky shoes is unrealistic.  Have a few neutral pairs for everyday wear and a few colorful pairs to spice up outfits you’ve already worn.

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Opt for wedges instead of heels // Wedges give much more support than heels.  Enough said.

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What style of shoe have you been digging lately?  Have any shoe recommendations?

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