Annie Likes July // Posting Every Day in July

The title says it all: every day in July, I’m writing a new blog post.

This challenge has been almost a year in the making since I posted (almost) every day of last July.  This year, I wanted to push myself creatively and set this lofty goal for one month and one month only.  How hard can it be, right?

Wrong.  Posting every day is difficult.  Posting once a week is difficult.  As a creator, I’ve felt the pressure to constantly be producing new material for this blog and all of my other platforms.  But most of that pressure is self-induced as I’m looking at other blogs and Instagram accounts, thinking about how perfect their images and content are in comparison to mine.

However, we only see highlight reels while the people doing the creating see the bloopers.  Comparing our content to other peoples’ content is a surefire way to zap joy out of your creative process, which is something I’m still coming to terms with.

The point of all this is: I’m pushing myself this month to break away from the idea that I need to micromanage every bit of information I put on my platforms.  I’m going to write for the sake of writing and create for the sake of creating this month, and enjoy where the process takes me.  Thanks for tuning in.

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