Annie’s UPDATED writing survival kit

In the style of my recent post 11 things you should never say to a writer, and what to say instead, I’m dusting off this lil dinosaur and adding an update! You can read my original writing survival kit post here; it has your daily dose of outdated marble graphics as well as a singular block of text, because I didn’t know how to format blog posts back in those days.

My writing survival kit remains my most popular post, but my tastes have changed since a young Annie wrote this guide in July 2017, which was arguably my blogging heyday.

Here’s an updated list of the things I can’t write without…

A composition notebook. I can’t deny the convenience of a computer, but I love the feeling of pen and paper, especially when I’m stuck and struggling. I never leave the house without a notebook in my back and at least two notebooks in the car for emergencies.

My bed. That’s one thing that’s changed since I wrote the original guide; I do most of my writing in my bed now, as opposed to 2017 when I did most of my writing at my desk. I love cuddling up in my jammies and sucking down some tea while cranking out pages.

Microsoft Word. I know there are more advanced and specialized software packages out there for writers, but I don’t need all the bells and whistles. I love the feeling of solitude in Microsoft Word; it’s my preferred program for writing first drafts.

Google Docs. But when it comes to editing, Google Docs is my go-to. Its track changes feature is much easier to use and it’s simple to share chapters with critique partners and beta readers through Google.

Bic RoundStic blue pens. This one hasn’t changed. How convenient is it that the cheapest pen in the aisle is the one that I love the most? It’s a durable pen that won’t turn the inside of my backpack blue if I toss it in without putting on the cap. What more could a girl want?

Ella Fitzgerald radio on Spotify. This is a recent discovery. I like listening to jazz when I’m studying, so started listening to this radio station on a whim and fell in love with it. The music has a nice beat that isn’t overwhelming, and I’ve loved almost everything Spotify has generated.

What are your writing essentials?

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