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Today I’m so excited to share with y’all that I now have a Patreon page! Patreon is a platform where readers, viewers, and listeners like yourselves can support online creators in exchange for exclusive monthly content.

Click here to access my Patreon page and unlock exclusive content.

Here’s how it works: patrons pick one of four tiers to subscribe to for a small monthly commitment. In exchange you’ll get blog posts, iPhone wallpapers, member-only podcast episodes and more depending on which tier you pick.

What’s great about subscribing on Patreon is that once you subscribe, you get access to every benefit from prior months. I also worked to make each tier super cost-effective so you’re getting a lot of content for your subscription.

Here’s what each tier looks like:

The monthly wallpapers tier gives you access to adorable phone, tablet, and desktop wallpapers designed by me.  You’ll get five of each wallpaper type, totaling fifteen wallpapers available only for Patreon subscribers.

cost: $2 per month

In the booklists tier, you’ll get access to my exclusive booklists blog posts.  Each month, I’m making a “book playlist” of books that I love and sharing my picks with you. These posts will look like my princess reading list. With this tier, you’ll also get access to the monthly wallpapers.

cost: $4 per month

This tier gives you access to Patreon-exclusive “10 things” minisodes of my podcast, HELLO HEROINE.  Each episode, I’ll share a list of 10 things on varying topics. This tier also includes the perks from both the booklists and the wallpapers tiers.

cost: $6 per month

My last tier gives you access to ALL of my travel guides to the 15 (and counting) countries I’ve traveled to, as well as some of my favorite spots around the US. These take an e-book format and are great to download and read through before you travel. With this tier, you get access to all the benefits from each tier.

cost: $8 per month

As a little freebie for just being a follower of the blog, I have some free iPhone and iPad wallpapers below as a thank you! You are the reason I get to keep growing this blog and devoting more and more of my time to talking about the stuff we all love.

To access your exclusive content today, head to patreon.com/annieearnshaw and subscribe to your tier today!

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