if we were having coffee… | july updates and favorites

if we were having coffee, here’s what I’d tell you.

I’m doing really well, actually. I’ve found a good rhythm for my day: get up, eat breakfast, create content for a couple of hours, work in the afternoon, and settle in to write or watch a movie before bed. I’ve been getting up earlier, which I’m enjoying. I like listening to the birds in the morning.

I got an iPad, and it’s ignited my creativity. If you’ve noticed some fancy new graphics on my blog posts lately, that’s all thanks to my iPad and Apple Pencil. I normally hesitate to make big purchases (pretty much anything over $40 haha), but this felt right. I made an investment into my creativity and, as a result, I have a fun new medium to play around with.

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I’ve fallen in love with Trader Joe’s. Ok let me be clear: I always knew that Trader Joe’s existed, but I’ve recently tried so many of their products and I can’t get enough. Let me know if you want a complete round-up of all my favorite products because I have SO much to say.

I haven’t read much lately. My creativity definitely has seasons because, when I’m passionate about something, I tend to pour all my energy into that outlet. While I haven’t picked up many books lately, I’m being productive in so many other ways. All it’ll take is one really good book and then I’ll fall back into a good rhythm. This is also because I spend so much time on Tiktok #yikes.

I’m training to hike the Inca Trail in March (hopefully). Through a program at my university, a group of students and I are going to hike the Inca Trail in 4 days and then complete a shorter 2-day hike through the Rainbow Mountains. The trip is scheduled for our spring break in March and I’m praying that I get to go. My training plan is super loose right now, but I’ve dusted off my hiking boots and an hopping back on the trail this week. Next time you see me, I’ll have quads of steel.

I’m SO CLOSE to finishing my second novel. This book has been a labor of love and I’m beyond excited to finish out the story. My goal is to finish it by the end of July and I’m so close to making that happen; I’ve got 5,000 words to go before I hit my minimum count of 50,000.

I’ve already lined up what project I want to write next. Like normal, I won’t share many details on this platform until the first draft is entirely written, but there will be art thieves and Mediterranean vibes and a found-family ensemble cast. Think Heist Society but morally gray. It’s gonna be fun.

july favorites

Writing letters. In a moment in time where we’re pretty disconnected from each other, I’ve been writing letters to friends and family around the country. My favorite cards are blank stationary sets from Target because they come in cute colors and are sold in packs of, like, 200.

Maggie Rogers radio on Spotify. The perfect mix for easygoing but upbeat vibes. Her music is so atmospheric and Spotify always curates an awesome balance of similar artists without being predictable.

The Vampire Diaries. Why yes, I am twelve years old and living in 2010. I started watching this series because I wanted to watch The Originals, but felt like I needed to watch the original series before watching its spin-off. But alas, I’m hooked.

Passport. “Passport” is a weekly podcast that focuses on one destination each week. It’s an awesome way to satisfy your wanderlust craving without ever leaving your quarantine bubble. My favorite episodes are the ones where they talk about the monster stories of Greenland and how the residents of Palermo use culinary culture to fight the mafia.

Sitting outside at night. This may be an obvious thing to do, but with the recent humidity in NC, sitting outside during the day is like breathing in soup. I’ve been hanging out on our back patio after the sun goes down and enjoying the warm air.

my favorite blog posts…

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How’s your month been? What would you share if we were having coffee?

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7 thoughts on “if we were having coffee… | july updates and favorites

  1. Love it, love it!!! Thanks for sharing who you are at this moment. It helps distant “relatives” stay in touch with you!❤️

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  2. Hiking the Inca Trail sounds AMAZING! And thanks for the tip about Target – I’ll have to check out their stationery. I write a lot of letters too 🙂 Also, I was just thinking last night that I’ve never been to a Trader Joe’s… but when I looked it up I sadly found that there aren’t any close to me! The closest one is about 40 minutes 🙁 I may have to just bite the bullet and go sometime, but I don’t want to get hooked on any products that are only sold there, because I’m not planning to go on a regular basis haha!

    1. Ahh I’m really hoping my trip happens!! But if it doesn’t happen this year, I’ll get there eventually 🙂 and I hope you like their stationary kits!! If you find yourself at Trader Joe’s, I highly recommend their cauliflower gnocchi and mini peanut butter cups!! It’s all about balance haha

  3. Hi Annie, Great work! keep going. I hope everyone is doing well in North Carolina. Say hi to everyone. We are doing ok in PA. Love Bill