bookish debates we NEED to stop having

Today, we’re talking bookish debates we need to stop having.

I love a good discussion post, and these are some of the most common topics I’ve seen and considered.  Are these debates actually debates?  Let me know what you think.

Are audiobooks/ebooks actually books?
Absolutely!  We make reading more inclusive when we talk about audiobooks and ebooks with the same sense of legitimacy as paper books; digital formats can be more cost-effective and accessible.  Also, reading is reading no matter how you do it.

Should I finish a book once I start it?
It’s totally up to you!  Choosing to DNF a book you know you’re not going to like can honestly save you some time and steer you toward books you’ll actually enjoy.  On the other hand, reading a book you don’t like can be great for writers who want to think about how they’d write it better.  You’re allowed to make (and break) your own rules with this one.

Is adult fiction better than YA?
I hate the notion that some books are inherently better than others.  Books, like all forms of art, are subjective.  While adult fiction and YA trend toward different patterns, it all comes down to audience.  Don’t apologize for reading what you love to read!

Should I cancel problematic books?
I don’t think so.  It’s important to acknowledge what could’ve been written more tastefully when we’re talking about a book, but there is still something to be learned from an insensitive or problematic book.  We need to pay attention to what makes a book problematic so we can continue to write less-problematic books.

Is it okay to dogear pages?
For sure!  I dogear almost all of my books.  If you don’t want to dogear yours, then don’t.  What upsets me most around this debate is when readers bash other readers for how they treat their books.  It’s your book; do what you want with it.

Which is better for bloggers: new releases or backlist?
Books don’t have an expiration date, so why should we prize new releases over backlist books?  Read whatever the heck you want to read and blog about whatever the heck you want to blog about.

What do you think about these bookish debates that we need to stop having?  Which topics would you add to the list?

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13 thoughts on “bookish debates we NEED to stop having

    1. Same here!! I absolutely think everyone is entitled to their opinion and wouldn’t bash someone who disagreed with me, but most of the people I’ve chatted with on this platform agree that all books are real books!!

  1. The answer to all these questions is so much depending on each person that they should not be debates! I hate dogearing my books, but this does not mean that is it not okay to dogear the pages of the books. The personal preferences and choices are much more important.