7 blogs and websites to read in the morning

I’ve recently found a love for long-form social media like blogging and content websites.  I love sitting down and doing a little bit of catching up and centering on what’s happening in the world before I start my work for the day.

But here’s the thing: I rarely read the news.

Whenever I watch or read the news consistently, I experience this mounting anxiety that our world is falling to pieces.  Instead, I’ve collected a few websites and blogs that I read to stay in touch culturally while having a basic view of politics and current affairs.

Here are the seven things I read every morning…

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This is my primary source for news.  I love that each daily briefing appears right in my inbox and is a relatively unbiased, non-partisan source.

TheSkimm gives an overview of the three or four big events that happened the day before.  It’s quick, polished, and easy to read.

I’ve been a subscriber for years and recommend TheSkimm to almost everyone I know.

Carly Riordan

Carly Riordan is a New Jersey-based blogger who covers fashion, reading, work routines, and cooking with a little bit of travel thrown in.

Carly’s writing is so authentic and I love how she’s got a few dependable posts each week, but always seems to have new types of content coming out as well.

My favorite posts are her Week in Outfits posts that come out every Tuesday.

The Stripe

Another blogger I love!  I discovered Grace Atwood from The Stripe through her podcast Bad on Paper with Becca Freeman, which is such a good podcast for twenty-something readers, by the way.

Grace has a lot of posts on fashion, current sales, and her current move from Brooklyn to Charleston.  She has a lot of content about reading and gives great book recommendations.


I check in with Refinery29 every day for a pop culture hot take and the occasional good laugh.

Aside from the intriguing articles and woman-focused content, I think this site is so gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing.

The New Yorker

An absolute classic.  I’ve kinda been obsessed with The New Yorker since I first watched The Devil Wears Prada and the main character said she thought The New Yorker was the best magazine ever.

I subscribed to TNY about a month ago and have totally gotten a return on my investment!  The physical magazine is beautiful and I love having unlimited access to the articles.

If you’re going to have one magazine subscription, this has to be it.

Condé Nast Traveler

Y’all remember when travel existed?  I’ve been satisfying my wanderlust by checking in with Condé Nast Traveler every morning.

They have thought-provoking articles about ethical tourism and great city-specific guides as well as international travel itineraries and so much more.

The Good Trade

Reading The Good Trade honestly feels like meditating.  Their articles are gentle and intimate while still discussing tough topics like racism and body neutrality.

Their series on intersectional environmentalism is an interesting read and they’ve definitely prompted me to fall even more in love with the Enneagram personality test.

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