What to read this June 💌

Every month, I send out my monthly wrap-up newsletter, which ties together all of my favorite posts, products, and more from that month.

My favorite section to write for the newsletter is the “required” reading: a list of articles that I read and loved that month. The “required” reading is a guide to what to read this June from the sites & newsletters I read in my daily reading routine.

This month’s articles were too good to keep just on the newsletter, so I’m sharing them here as well!  If you want to read the full newsletter, you can sign up for my email list and it’ll appear fresh in your inbox tomorrow morning.

What to read this June:

I love this list of 99 compliments to give someone that aren’t about their appearance.

Kacey Musgraves opens up about her divorce, happiness, and upcoming music.

Maddie @whatmaddieread created this awesome summer 2021 reading guide!

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If you love to knit, check out this list of fictional knitters.

An interesting article on the Jewish influences in Shadow and Bone.

The changing influence of cacao in Southeast Asia.

This candy-colored Atlanta Airbnb is such a dream.

A comprehensive guide to finding and curating your personal aesthetic.

I enjoyed learning about the history of Black joy and red velvet cake.

Cluttercore is my new home décor inspiration.

Is the English royal family a cult?  This article thinks so.

Dairy-free alternatives for all my lactose-intolerant friends.

This Nairobi home is filled with chic DIYs and giving me major home design inspiration.

I’m a huge fan of this unexpected storage tip.

This guide to packing for a cross-country road trip is so valuable for digital nomads.

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