Annie’s Winter Favorites

Happy February! The first month of the year flew by so fast I feel like I have whiplash. One day I'm moving into my dorm and the next I'm one month into my second semester? This time thing is starting to weird me out. Narrowing down my favorite products of the season was definitely a … Continue reading Annie’s Winter Favorites

Annie’s July Favorites

Hello, y'all!  There's nothing that I love more than watching favorites videos on YouTube (except, you know, writing), so I thought I'd try my hand at it and share some word-related and non word-related products that I've been loving this month.  I'm currently obsessed with... Amazon Echo Dot: I purchased one of these little gadgets for … Continue reading Annie’s July Favorites

Annie Plays “Would You Rather”

I was tagged by Aria over at Snow White Hates Apples to complete a particularly challenging round of "Would You Rather" regarding my literary preferences.  I'll spare you the intro and just get right to the game! Would you rather... 1. Read only stand-alones or trilogies? I have to go with stand-alones here.  I love how … Continue reading Annie Plays “Would You Rather”