How to Support Creators (Without Breaking the Bank)

As a college student who frequents Bookstagram and Booktube, I'm often tempted to wreck my bank account in support of my fellow creators.  Whether it's book-themed candles or adorable wall art or even personalized bookmarks, I always feel a tiny bit of guilt at not being able to pay for or commission pieces from smaller… Continue reading How to Support Creators (Without Breaking the Bank)

On the Act of Unfollowing

By the power vested in us by social media, we have the capacity to know so many things about our accounts.  On my Instagram, I can track hour-by-hour how many views, likes, comments, et cetera my posts are accumulating.  On Pinterest, I can monitor how many clicks and saves my pins get, allowing me to… Continue reading On the Act of Unfollowing

Annie Has Blog Burnout and Wants to Talk About It

The title of this post is pretty self-explanatory: I have blog burnout. In short, this means that I have a blog for which I want to craft eloquent posts, but I simultaneously feel like sitting down at a computer to crank out a single line of text might be proverbial equivalent of pulling my own… Continue reading Annie Has Blog Burnout and Wants to Talk About It

What Annie Learned About Blogging in Six Months

Six months ago, I started this little site with the intention of forming a writing network and improving my craft.  While I totally flaked out until the end of May, I've found some serious joy and had some serious fun in the past month building my network and interacting with some seriously talented individuals. To… Continue reading What Annie Learned About Blogging in Six Months