Annie’s Favorite Book Covers

I'm a firm believer in judging a book by its cover.  Covers set the precedent for the book and its content.  Covers create a bias from the second you lay eyes on the book: a good cover is intriguing, even if the book is the literary equivalent of nails on a chalkboard.  So I welcome… Continue reading Annie’s Favorite Book Covers

Annie’s July Update

Hello, friends!  Today I'm going to share a little bit about my month in terms of what I read, what I wrote, and what I did with my life other than obsessing over literature.  Let's do this. This month I was a good little reader.  I finally caught up to my Goodreads challenge and am feeling… Continue reading Annie’s July Update

Annie Plays “Would You Rather”

I was tagged by Aria over at Snow White Hates Apples to complete a particularly challenging round of "Would You Rather" regarding my literary preferences.  I'll spare you the intro and just get right to the game! Would you rather... 1. Read only stand-alones or trilogies? I have to go with stand-alones here.  I love how… Continue reading Annie Plays “Would You Rather”