if we were having coffee… | july updates and favorites

if we were having coffee, here's what I'd tell you. I'm doing really well, actually. I've found a good rhythm for my day: get up, eat breakfast, create content for a couple of hours, work in the afternoon, and settle in to write or watch a movie before bed. I've been getting up earlier, which… Continue reading if we were having coffee… | july updates and favorites

Annie’s Winter Favorites

Happy February! The first month of the year flew by so fast I feel like I have whiplash. One day I'm moving into my dorm and the next I'm one month into my second semester? This time thing is starting to weird me out. Narrowing down my favorite products of the season was definitely a… Continue reading Annie’s Winter Favorites

Annie’s August and September College-Themed Favorites

Have I mentioned that I started college recently?  Did you catch the sarcasm there? As I'm writing this post, I've been in college for five (six?) weeks and am thriving.  I love the autonomy that comes with creating my own schedule and absolutely adore my flatmates, not to mention the dining hall food isn't shabby at… Continue reading Annie’s August and September College-Themed Favorites