Unpopular Bookish Opinions and Pet Peeves

Time to get controversial, y'all. Last summer, I posted the original unpopular opinions post, and today I'm reviving a classic Annie Likes Words favorite to talk about things that boil my blood.  I love a good rant and that's what I've got in store for you today.  Here are some unpopular opinions and pet peeves.… Continue reading Unpopular Bookish Opinions and Pet Peeves

Popular Books that Annie Disliked

One misconception I've discovered as a reader, reviewer, and blogger is that I'm supposed to love every book I read.  When I peruse blogs or scroll through my Instagram feed, there is an overwhelming majority of positive reviews, especially surrounding new releases and books everyone else seems to love. Positivity is a good and welcome… Continue reading Popular Books that Annie Disliked

Annie DNF’ed a Book

Today's been a day of new experiences.  I attended my first college football game (my school, Elon University, won in case anyone's wondering!), bought my first pepper spray (college safety is important), and DNF'ed my first book.  Whew, what a day! I've read a lot of discussion posts lately that address the great DNF debate:… Continue reading Annie DNF’ed a Book

Annie’s Unpopular Opinions

Hiya folks!  Today's lil post is about my opinions regarding book and writing-related things or ideals with which I don't agree.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't lay in bed until 12:30 AM yesterday watching these videos on YouTube, so I'm going justify my binge-watching by calling it "research" for this post. Regardless,… Continue reading Annie’s Unpopular Opinions